Black current
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French version



Gard Gourmand 2005

Domaine de Guyot is an estate of Languedoc near Sommières, settled in the Garrigues between Nîmes and Montpellier.

As a complement to the estate wine’s range, “traditional black currant liqueur” is an original and handicraft production. Traditionally cultivated in the region, the blackcurrants are harvested and pressed by hand at the estate, allowing a low alcohol content (around 4%/vol.), the same as the fruit’s one.

According to an ancestral and familial receipt and manual methods, the fabrication is respecting all attributes and flavours of the fruit. The wide tasting variety is really attractive …


Tasting notes

It will express all his potential with the white wine of the estate “Beluga” or alone on the rock, as aperitif or liqueur. Thirst-quenching and enriched with A and C vitamins, all children will cherished it during the day, mixed with water, soda or milk. For wintertime, it will be tasty and helpful as herb tea.

 Also useful for cooking, add it to vinegar, salads or desserts. Tasteful with sorbet, “nougat glacé”, yoghurt or cream cheese.

Alcohol content: 4 %